A Young Muslim’s Guide to Religions in the World


Marcel Proust, the French novelist, compares a book to a cemetery with many tomb-stones whose inscriptions cannot ail be deciphered clearly, for no writer can possibly give a record of everyhting that has helped form the opinions which he expresses. He cannat for one thing recall the sources of ail impressions; secondly if he tried honestly to mention ail the books and journals, newspapers and magazines which have shaped his mind, he would be reduced to writing another book on the subject.
The list that follows is not a systmeatic bibliography on the religions and cuits which 1 have discussed or referred ta; it is only an attempt to provide a clue ta what 1 depended upon directly or what 1 had read on various occasions among those books whose names 1 had clearly in mind when stating an opinion. 1 have not given footnotes in the body of the text to indicate my indebtedness, because 1 have made use of direct quotations in few places. Uke the text the bibliography will be of interest only to general readers, not to scholars.
1. The Penguin History of the World by J. M. Roberts
2. Civilization by Wallbank and Taylor. 2 vols.
3. A History of Europe by H. A. L. Fisher
4. The Encyclopaedia Britannica
5. Encyclopaedia of Religion and Religions by E. Royston Pike.
6. Comparative Religion by A. C. Bouquet.
7. History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russell
8. The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant
9. An Historian’s Approach to Religion by Amold Toynbee
10. A Study of History by Arnold Toynbee, abridgement by Somervel, 2 vols.

11 . The Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics.
12. The Golden Bough by J.G. Frazer, abridged edition
1 3. Civilization by Kenneth Clark
14. The Legacy of Greece, Clarendon Press
15. The Legacy of Rome, ibid
16. The Legacy of Israel, ibid

1 7. The Legacy of India, ibid
18. The Legacy of Persia, ibid
19. Totem and Taboo by Sigmund Freud
20. The Common Sense of Science by J. Bronowski

21 . Religion and Science by Bertrand Russell
22. Mysticism and Logic by Bertrand Russell
23. The Impact of Science on Society by Bertrand Russell
24. Crftiques and Addresses by T. H. Huxley
25. Essays of a Biologist by Julian Huxley
26. The Perennial Philosophy by Aldous Huxley
27. Do what Vou Will by Aldous Huxley
28. Grey Eminence be Aldous Huxley
29. The Devils of Loudun by Aldous Huxley
30. Authority and the Individual by Bertrand Russell

31 . Religion and the Rebel by Colin Wilson
32.. The Two Sources of Morality and Religion by Henri Bergson
33. Muhammad by Martin Lings
34. Life of the Prophet (Mustafa Charit in Bengali) by Muhammaed Akram Khan
35. Islam: Beliefs and Praetiees by A. S. Tritton
36. Islam by Alfred Guillaume
37. Islam in the Modern World by W. Cantwell Smith
38. Islam’s Eneounter with the West by Arnold Toynbee

39. The Penguin History of Christianity by Roland Bainton, 2 vols.
40. Honest to god by John A. T. Robinson, Bishop of Woolwsieh

41 . Caesar and Christ by Will Durant
42. Early Christian Writings, Penguin Classies
43. The Dead Sea Serolls by Edmund Wilosn
44. The Dead Sea Serolls by Powell Davies
45. History of the Chureh of England in India by Eyre Chatterton

46. Indian Philosophy by S. Radhakrishnan
47. Philosophies of India by Heinrich Zimmer translated by Joseph Cambell
48. Chips from a German Workshop by Max Muller, 3 voes.
49. Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies by Abbe J. A. Dubois translated by Henry Beauchamp.
50. Hinduism by Nirad C. Chaudhury

51 . The Continent of Ciree by Nirad C. Chaudhury
52. Eassays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo, 2 vols.
53. The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo, 2 vols.
54. The Ramayana: abridged in English by R. K. Narayana
55. The Ramayana: abridgement in Bengali by Raj Shekhar Bose
56. The Mahabharata: abridgement in Bengali by Raj Shekhar Bose
57. The Bhagabadgita translated by Juan Mascaro 5B. The Upanishads translated by Juan Mascaro

59. Indian Art edited by Sir Richard Winstedt.
60. Buddhism by Christmas Humphreys

61 . Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion as iIIustrated by sorne points in the History of Indian Buddhism by Rhys Davies
62. Buddhist Scriptures translated by Edward Conze
63. Fundamentalism: Revivalists and Violence in South Asia edited by James Wamer Bjorkmann

·64. The Koran by N. J. Dawood
65. The Quran by Yusuf Ali
66. The Authorised Version of the Bible
67. The New English Bible: New Testament, Penguin Books 6B. The Four Gospels translated by E. V. Rieu

69. Confucius by E. D. Edwards
70. Chinese Religious ldeas by P.J. Maclagan
71. The National Faith of Japan by D. C. Holtom
72. The Classic Anthology defined by Confucius by Ezra Pound
73. Anthology of Chinese Literature, penguin Classics
74. Anthology of Japanese Literature, Penguin Classics
75. The Real Tripitaka by Arthur Waley

76. The Life of Greece by Will Durant
77. The Greek Way by Edith Hamilton
78. The Dialogues of Plato translated by B. Jowett. 2 vols
79. The Complete Greek Drama edited by Whitney J. Oates and Eugene 0′ Neill, Jr.
80. The Greek Myths by RobertGraves, 2 vols

81 . The Oxford Classieal Dictionary
82. Smaller Classieal Dietionary by Smith
83. A Handbook of Greek Mythology by H. J. Rose
84. The Ancient Greek Historians by J. B. Bury

85. The lliad translated by E. V. Rieu
86. The Odyssey translated by E. V. Rieu
87. The Divine Comedy by Dante, English translation in 3 volumes by Dorothy L. Sayers and Barbara Reynoeds
88. The Aeneid by Vergil translated by W. F. Jackson-Knight

89. The Agaria by Verrier Elwin
90. Notes towards a Definition of Cultute by T.S. Eliot
91. A History of Western Philosophy by W. T. Jones
92. Men against Humanity by Gabriel Marcel
93. Provincial Letters by Pascal
94. The Portable Mediaveal Reader edited by J. B. Ross and Mary
M. McLaughlin
95. Religions of the Ancient Near East: Sumero-Akkadian Religious Texts, Ugaritic Epies edited by Isaac Mendesohn
96. An Introduction to Chiness Art and History
97. Religio Media by Sir Thomas Browne
98. Culture and Anarchy by Matthew Arnold
99. Modern Religious Movements in India by John Farquhar


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